Thanks so much for stopping by to learn more about my running coach services.  The first time I used an an on-line running coach to meet a race goal, I had the very best experience!  I loved the way that my coach personalized a training plan just for me based on my running history, current fitness level, busy lifestyle, and race goals.  I also really appreciated the encouragement and accountability that came along with it!  And now I want to do the same thing for others.  Whether your goal is to run for thirty minutes without stopping for the first time or shave thirty minutes off your marathon PR, I want to help.  Please feel free to email me at to start a conversation and see if I might be a good match to help you!

I am a certified running coach through Road Runner’s Club of America (RRCA) and I’ve been running since high school.  I recently realized that I have been running pretty seriously for more than half of my life!  I’ve raced everything from the mile to a full marathon, and recently had the joy of meeting my biggest running goal yet, qualifying for the Boston Marathon in 2016!  I balance my running with raising two children and all the demands that entails, so I understand the need to balance training with other parts of your life.

Here is a brief summary of my services:

1) E–Coaching Custom Training Plan:

This is the most basic coaching option. After an initial consultation (via phone or email), I would design a plan specifically for you.  If you are working towards a race, I would plan your weeks leading up to the race.  If it’s just a time goal, I would design a plan to help you hit that goal.  Whatever you’re working towards, I would design a custom plan to help you meet that goal.  But after that, communication would be minimum; it’s up to you to go get it!

It includes:

  •  Initial consultation (via phone or email)
  • Assess race and/or training goals
  • A complete individualized training plan for the training season

12 weeks: $50 (ideal for preparing for a shorter race)
16 weeks: $65 (ideal for preparing for a medium race)
20 weeks: $85 (ideal for preparing for a long race)

2) Individualized Coaching Training Plan:

This includes everything mentioned above, but is intended to more feedback throughout your training. Instead of just designing your detailed training plan, I would also check in with you on a weekly basis via email, and comment on the workouts that you’ve completed.  I’d be available on an on-going basis to answer questions as they come up, and also to cheer you on and celebrate your accomplishments.

It includes:

  • Initial consultation (via phone or email)
  • A complete individualized training plan for the training season
  • Shared google spreadsheet to track your training process (also a way for me to check in and see how you’re feeling)
  • Regular (weekly) communication via email
  • Willing to answer questions and update training plan as needed.  Also willing to answer questions to the best of my knowledge about hydration, long runs, race day jitters, etc.

12 week: $75
16 week: $100
20 week: $125
Monthly: $25


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