Two Half Marathons in Two Weeks

Hey blog world!  It’s been awhile, but I wanted to pop in and update you on a couple of half marathons I ran in October.  This “racing” season for me has not been about actually racing.  Instead, it has been about running, loving the runs that I do, and not getting injured or overdoing it too much so that I am ready and fresh to start training for Boston in January.  Oh, that’s right, I haven’t officially blogged about this, but I was accepted into the 2016 Boston Marathon.  Seriously, every time I say it, I get so excited.  Chills, even.  I just can’t wait.


Okay, first up this month was the Grand Rapids Half Marathon.  I didn’t specifically train for this, but was offered a free entry, and had two friends who were running the full marathon; their first one!  So, I decided to do it as a training run for the Philly Rock’N’Roll in two weeks.  It was a perfect morning – sunny, cool, and calm winds.  I ran the first 8 or so miles with my friends, until the half and the full course split.  It was perfect.  I so enjoyed catching up with these two special ladies who I don’t see nearly as often as I would like.  The first 8 miles we averaged about an 8:35 to 8:40 pace, and the last four miles I turned on the speed and averaged about a 7:20 pace.  My finish time was just under 1:50.


And then this past weekend I flew to Philadelphia and met up with my sister.  And we ran a half marathon together.  In costume.  It was so much fun, and I think I need to run every race with a cape from here on out.  We dressed as Elsa and Anna (because my sister’s name is actually Elsa…so it was a no brainer).  We absolutely loved hearing little girls squeal as we went by “Look mom, it’s Elsa and Anna”. So cute!  We finished in 1:48:XX (Look at me, not even caring about my finish time.  This is a BIG deal for this competitive lady, you guys!!!).  Again, the racing conditions were perfect, the company was great, and I accomplished my goal.  I LOVED running this race, and my fall season of running was so much fun.  Now to rest up for a few weeks and then start marathon training!  Yay!


I hope your October was spectacular.  Hope to be back again soon!


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