Last Week’s Workouts + A Moment to Vent

Hey friends!  Do you ever feel like you are doing so many things at one time but doing none of them well?  That’s how I would sum up my life lately.  Between trying to finish some home renovation projects (will the painting EVER end?), packing and unpacking for different trips, transporting children to various lessons and play dates, working on a few details for the Fresh Fix website, making sure all fall events are getting on our calendars (I am going to be the PTA secretary for my daughter’s school this year and also a fourth grade counselor/mentor for our church GEMS program), and trying to find the time to exercise and do normal house cleaning tasks, my head and my days are full.  Often too full.  But I’m not sure that it’s going to get easier anytime soon!

Anyway, I am not trying to complain, just vent a little I suppose.  I love it all, I really do (well, except for all the painting).  I just wish I had more time to devote to everything on that list!  Still, despite the business, I am doing a pretty good job of prioritizing some exercise, because once that disappears, I’m really in trouble.  And my family would agree.  One day last year I lost my temper and raised my voice at my older daughter a little more than I should have.  She looked right at me and said, “Mom, I think you need to go for a run”.  Intuitive little thing, isn’t she?!

Anyway, here are last week’s workouts:

M – 5 mile run + 60 minutes strength training

T – Off

W – 30 minute boot camp class

Th – 4 mile run + 60 minutes kickboxing

F – Off

S – 60 minutes strength training + 60 minutes kickboxing

Su – Off

This week my husband and I are dropping the girls off at my parents and taking six days to explore Acadia National Parlk in Bar Harbor, Maine.  All by ourselves!  I am so thankful to have this time to relax and enjoy time and space with one another again because I am pretty sure that with everything else going on, we hardly ever intentionally and truly enjoy one another’s company.  I hope the beginning of August is going well for you, and that you’re finding the time and space you need to accomplish everything on your own list.  And if you have any miracle formulas for fitting it all in, please share! 🙂


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