Why We’re Moving (again).

The following post most definitely falls into the seldom used category of “random musings”.  It has very little, if anything, to do with running or fitness.  No recipes, coaching tips, or workout recaps.  Nope, instead I’m talking a little bit about why our family is moving again, less than two years after moving back to Michigan.  And less than two years after settling into what was supposed to be our “forever home”.  In some ways, it’s a really long, complicated story.  But at the heart of the matter, it’s really quite simple: it’s what we feel God is calling us to do.

When my husband was finishing graduate school in Pittsburgh, we began searching for a house to buy in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We knew the area well, having spent several years prior living here.  And we knew this is where we wanted to raise our girls.  It’s a lovely mid-size city that has a lot to offer, including many good friends and a feeling that just says “home” to us. And we had a pretty good idea of what we were looking for in our new place, or so we thought.  We ended up buying a lovely home in a large subdivision.  And at first it was great.  We had more than enough space, we felt safe having our kids run around outside, and we got to know a few neighbors.  It was borderline idyllic, walking around every house was in good repair and all the lawns were lush and green.

But soon enough something began to tug on my husband’s heart; something that felt not quite right about having a five bedroom house and using two of them on a regular basis (our girls prefer to share a room right now, so we essentially had three guest rooms).  It took me longer to get on board, as I rather enjoy my space and feeling, for lack or a better word, comfortable.  And I absolutely hate moving.  But eventually even I had to admit that it was too much.  Quite simply, we had more than we needed.  Or truly wanted.  I mean, who really wants to clean more bathrooms than they have to?  And while some aspects of being part of a neighborhood association are nice, others are definitely a drawback.  For example, I’d like to decide when to put my Christmas decorations up and take them down, thank you very much.

So we bought another house.  It’s a good bit smaller, it’s definitely not in a large neighborhood, and it’s going to be a totally new adventure.  It’s really not too far away; no one has to change schools (well technically, if our girls attended the public school system, it would be a change, but we send them to a private school) and we’ll still attend the same church and go to the same gym and swimming lessons each week.  The new house has more land.  I feel compelled to grow things already, and we’re not even moved in yet.  Oh, and I don’t know the first thing about gardening, but that’s another matter.  It’s got more of a country vibe, as we can no longer see into our neighbor’s house from our own.  And it borders a large, presently undeveloped (but soon to be finished) township park.  My husband is excited, and as much as I dislike big changes, his enthusiasm is catching.  I still get nervous, but we’re trusting God, trying to be faithful to what we feel He’s calling us to do.  Even when it’s uncomfortable.  Here’s to new challenges, memories, and adventures!  Oh, and running routes.  Lots of new running routes.


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