Workout Recaps + Meal Planning

Hi friends!  Happy Monday!  My week isn’t off the to the best start: I am fighting a pretty awful cold and I had to say goodbye to my mom.  She was here visiting for a few days, and it’s always hard to part ways after so much fun together.  We sure do love living in Michigan, but wish it was closer to my parents.  I want to move the state of Ohio out of the way sometimes. 😉

Here’s what my workouts looked like last week:

M – 60 minutes strength training

T – rest

W – 3 mile run, 30 minute boot camp class, 3 mile run (6 treadmill miles but my friends convinced me to go to class with them)

Th – 60 minute kickboxing class

F – 5 mile run (3.5 at tempo pace of 7:40)

S – 60 minute kickboxing class

S – Sick

I knew during my kickboxing class on Saturday morning that something was off; my body felt awful from the beginning and it just got worse as the class went on.  Moves that are usually not that challenging for me felt impossibly hard.  So it wasn’t terribly surprising that I woke up Sunday with a pretty bad cold.  I decided to push my long run to today, but I’m still not feeling it.  I think I’ll do between 8 and 10 tomorrow and call it good.  Thankfully this was a cut back week for me, so one missed or shortened long run won’t throw me totally off track.

Here’s what I’m planning for meals this week:

M – Crockpot Mexican Quinoa

T – Lasagna Roll Ups

W – Burgers and homemade sweet potato fries

Th – Quiche

F – leftovers

S – Dinner with family

Su – Easter!

I hope your week is off to a good start.  At least the sun is shining today.  That sure helps my mood a lot!  Here’s to better, healthier days ahead.


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