Workout Recaps + Random Things I’m Loving (Volume 6)

Hey everyone!  I’m one week into my 21 day reset, and feeling pretty good.  I cheated on Saturday night when my husband and I went out to celebrate our anniversary and indulged in a glass of wine and a couple of bites of his dessert, but otherwise I’ve been hanging in there.  I’m adding meat and a moderate amount dairy back in this week; I just don’t love plants enough to make it three weeks without meat!

Here’s what my workouts looked like this past week:

M – 60 minute strength training class + 4 mile run


W – 6 mile run + 30 minute boot camp class

Th – 60 minute kickboxing class

F – Unexpected day off (snow day)

Sa – 60 minute strength training class + 60 minute kickboxing class

Su – 8 mile run (avg. pace 8:25)

And, I really love writing these, so I hope you enjoy reading them – a few things I’ve been loving lately:

  • Running a little more.  I’m officially signed up for two spring races, and I’m feeling a little less “lost” in my running.  I’ve got races to focus on and train for, and time goals I’d like to achieve.  Running “long” yesterday felt so good; my body missed those longer runs!
  • My new running jacket from New Balance is amazing.  So cute, so functional, and so warm.  It’s perfect for those days I’m ready to brave running outside!
  • This homemade pasta sauce.  Seriously, it’s so easy to make and tastes amazing.  I never buy stuff from a jar anymore.
  • Gone Girl.  Have you read the book?  I couldn’t put it down, and we saw the movie this weekend.  I knew what was coming, so I didn’t love it quite as much as my husband did, but watching his reactions to what happened was priceless.

Happy Monday everyone.  Enjoy your week!


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