Happy 7th Birthday, Emily!

Dear Emily,

Happy Birthday, sweet daughter!  Seven years ago today you made me a mom, and I can’t really put into words all the ways that you’ve changed my heart since that day, but I can tell you that your presence in my life has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever known.  Seven year ago today you were also six days overdue, not wanting to be rushed into the world, or maybe just getting distracted by all the fun things to see and do inside the womb.  These particular traits are still very much present!

wpid-20141118_091457.jpgToday you are an inquisitive, silly, intelligent, curious, and beautiful first grader.  You love a lot of things, including reading (which you do amazingly well, pouring through chapter books well beyond those intended for your grade level), drawing and sketching all kinds of people and animals, and simply creating.  If there’s a stack of papers, some writing utensils, and a few other random office items, you’re good to go and will spend hours happily inventing pop up books or drawing imaginary worlds. Your creativity knows no limits!  You also love your sister, your friends, your school, your parents, and the Lord.  Your earnest prayers fill my heart; hearing the way you love God and how you are secure in His love for you.

wpid-20140704_121719.jpgYou’ve been very interested in swimming and gymnastics this past year, and are about to start basketball.  You’ve gone from barely being able to tread water a year ago to flying up and down the length of the pool with a freestyle and a backstroke that, truth be told, is probably better than mine.  You’ve learned how to overcome fears this year, how to try things which you aren’t sure you will excel at.  And as a result, I’ve seen you change and grow by leaps and bounds.  Quite literally too, as you now scale climbing walls and prance confidently across the balance beam.

wpid-20141118_151338.jpgI love you for so very many reasons, my sweet girl.  I love your spirit, your steadiness, your gentle and tender heart.  I love the way you care about others.  I love that you have such a hard timing saving money because you just can’t help but give it all away at church to “the people who really need it”.  I love that you are always so fair and conscientious; a first born rule follower to the tee.  I love that you so often (probably too often) play what Sophie prefers, instead of what you want.  I love that when music is playing, you can’t help but dance.  And I love that your smile and big bright eyes can light up a room.

IMG_2423 copyI don’t know what this next year holds for you, Em, but I’m sure glad I get to be there to enjoy it with you.

Te Amo!


(It is a tradition to write a letter to my kids on their birthdays.  In case you are interested, you can also read years six, five, four, three, two, and one).


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