2015 Goals

I’m not always big on New Year’s resolutions.  I often set them, but I can’t seem to follow through for an entire year.  Like most, I have the best of intentions, do very well for a few months, and then fall of the wagon, leaving those good intentions in the dust.  But I think maybe that’s because I’m too ambitious, too specific, and too hard on myself.  So this year I’m going to go a little more general, hoping that even if I am not perfect, I’m improving.


Okay, here I do have a couple of specific goals.  I’d like to break my half marathon PR of 1:41:35.  And I’d like to run the 25K Riverbank Run this May in under two hours.  But really and truly, if I could stay injury free all year and not break another PR, I’d be happy.  I love meeting goals and setting PRs (who doesn’t?) but more than that, I just love to run.  And if I can get through 2015 without having to take time off for injuries, that would be my ultimate goal.


Continue to get stronger and push myself when it comes to cross training.  For years and years people told me to cross train, told me it would help my running.  I didn’t listen.  I loved to run and if I had a spare hour I was going to spend it running.  But then I got injured, and I couldn’t run.  So I joined a gym, started going to strength training classes and discovered that I absolutely LOVE kickboxing.  As in, when I was marathon training this past fall I lamented that I had to (mostly) stop going because even though it was good cross training, it wasn’t exactly letting my body recover with low impact exercising.  It’s good to try new things when it comes to exercise.  Maybe this year I’ll even finally give yoga a shot?!


Be more present.  I am often chided by my husband and kids for trying to multi-task too much, spending too much time on my phone, etc.  Life goes fast; faster every year it seems.  I want to enjoy the little moments, being 100% focused on what’s most  important to me when I can.  And if I give my kids even 20 minutes of my undivided attention, I think they can feel the love and reassurance, and are then more ready to play on their own without me.  I want to tell my husband more often that I appreciate him, how hard he works so that I can stay home with our children and pursue the passions that I have.  I want to keep working on that all important balance of giving my time to others and keeping some just for me!


I want to read more of the books that my book club chooses each month.  I want to read more, period.  I love reading, but lately I have found myself reaching for the remote instead (Scandal has taken over my free time, oh my goodness that show is addicting).  I think my poor, tired brain is getting lazy, not wanting to think too hard.  This is totally fine now and again, but I love to learn and grow and discover.  And as much fun as Olivia Pope is, Scandal isn’t exactly helping me to learn anything except how NOT to run for office.


I really love learning about foods, and how they interact with our bodies, and how our overall nutrition can play such an important part in our overall health.  I’ve been thinking and praying hard about doing some intentional, focused classes regarding nutrition and health coaching.  Maybe 2015 will be the year I take the plunge and go for it?

What about you?  Do you enjoy New Year’s Resolutions?  What are yours?


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