Workout Recaps + Random Things I Love This Week (Volume 3)

Hey everybody!  I am sorry this post is coming a day later than usual.  Traveling to visit family always makes me lose track of time.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve already.

Here’s a quick recap of what my workouts looked like last week:

M – 6 mile run

T – 4 mile run


Th – 60 minute kickboxing class


Sa – 60 minute strength training class + 60 minute kickboxing class

Su – Travel Day – OFF

I had a couple of unexpected things pop up this week that changed my workout plans, plus I was just feeling exhausted all the time.  Not sure if I was fighting off a cold or not getting enough quality sleep or what, but I lacked the motivation to exercise this week.  This hardly ever happens, so I tried to listen to my body and just go with it.  I did, however, sign up for a four mile “Resolution Run” on New Year’s Day and I am excited to race again, despite the fact that I have not been incorporating speed work lately.  The good news is I’ve never done a four mile race before, so guaranteed PR!:-)

Here are a few things I’m loving lately:

  • Temperatures that are above average for the month of December!  After a snowy November, I was dreading another long winter.  But I’ve been able to keep my capris for most of my outdoor runs lately, and tomorrow it is supposed to hit 63 degrees here in Pittsburgh where I am visiting family.  I may even break out the shorts!
  • Kennywood’s festival of lights: I went to this local amusement park multiple times each summer growing up, and now they are opening over the holidays in the winter.  It’s so much fun to introduce my girls to the rides that I loved as a kid.
  • This grain free, gluten free pizza crust.  One of the only things that I really miss from my glutunous days is a good pizza.  I love finding alternatives that are still yummy!

Short and sweet this week!  I hope you are all enjoying time with family and friends over the next several days.  Merry Christmas!


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