2014 Running Recap – It all came together!

Hello!  One of the blogs I love to read, Miss Zippy, posted a chance to link up to her running year in review, and this year I actually have a blog so I get to play along.  It’s a baby, brand new blog, but still, it’s legit.  Here we go!

Best race experience? I had a LOT of great races in 2014.  And I managed to set PRs in several distances: 5k (20:58), 10k (44:16), 13.1 (1:41:35) and the very best one, the one that finally qualified me for the Boston Marathon, 26.2 (3:35:15).  I trained right, I trained HARD, and it all came together for me!  I also finished my first sprint triathlon and came in third in my age group; a complete surprise! 2014, you were good to me!

Best run? They’ve all been pretty great, but some of my best ones were: running a complete mile with my daughter for the first time, running on the beach in North Carolina with my husband on vacation this summer (and then heading straight into the ocean after becoming a hot, sweaty mess), and the 20 miler I did before tapering before my marathon.  I felt so good and strong on that run; I knew I had a decent shot at hitting my goal.

Best new piece of gear?  Hmmm.  I have a few tried and true favorites when it comes to running gear, so I just tend to update as needed.  But I did start running with an Under Armour visor since my eyes are fairly sensitive to sunlight and that was a smart move.  And I *just* bought new shoes that I am loving.  They are supportive yet lightweight and make me feel super speedy.  Plus, they are pink and fun (and so are the tiny feet next to them in this picture)!

wpid-img_20141203_110921.jpgBest piece of running advice you received? To strength train and target my weak hips.  I was very good about doing both of these things this year, and it totally paid off.  Many thanks to my doctor and my PT who diagnosed me and helped me in these areas.  Also, I had lots of friends who would repeatedly tell me “you got this” whenever I needed to hear it.

Most inspirational runner? There are so many!  From all the feature stories in magazines like Runner’s World to those who run and raise amazing amounts of money for charities to those who continue to set PRs again and again as well as those who just crossed a finish line for the first time.  Running, as a sport, is completely inspirational!  Ask any runner for their story, their highs and lows, and I promise you’ll be inspired.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Awesome. Fun. Unbelievably blessed.


6 thoughts on “2014 Running Recap – It all came together!

  1. misszippy1

    Sounds like a great year to me! Lots of breakthroughs, from the sounds of it, which of course lays the foundation for even bigger things next year. Love running on the beach and then jumping in the ocean–life’s simple pleasures.

    Thanks for linking in!


  2. Congratulations on your BQ!! I also bought a pair of hot pink shoes in 2014 ( Asics GT-1000’s).I bought them for funsies,but they helped me switch over to a different brand when my Brooks stopped working for me.


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