Workout Recaps + Random Things I Love This Week

Happy Monday!  Seriously, why do the weekends always insist on flying by so quickly?  And can we pause for a moment to collectively wonder how in the world it’s almost the middle of December?  I feel like time keeps speeding up and the harder I try to slow it down the faster it insists upon going.  In the next two weeks I’ve got presents to buy and wrap and cards to send and class parties to attend and…well, you get the idea.  It’s so hard to hit the pause button in the middle of the craziness , and that’s another reason why I LOVE running.  In the midst of it all I can take an hour, recharge and refocus, and when I’m done everything seems a bit more manageable than it did before.

Here’s how my workouts looked this past week:

M – 30 minutes core + 60 minutes group power (strength training) class

T – Total Conditioning class (group work involving LOTS of different exercises)

W – 6 mile run (avg. pace 8:10)

Th – 60 minutes group power class + 60 minutes kickboxing

F – 5 mile run (avg. pace 8:16)

Sa – 60 minutes kickboxing

Su – OFF

I’ve been loving the group fitness classes at my gym lately, and my favorite instructor was teaching his final classes this week, so I didn’t get in very many miles.  Remember last week when I was feeling aimless in my running?  Yup, still feel that way.  But I’m still mostly okay with it.  I know I’ll find spring races to fill my calendar soon enough.

And now, here are a few random things I’ve been loving this week:

  • The Out of Milk App – it’s amazing and let’s my easily create and add to grocery lists whenever I remember that I need something.  I can also create separate lists for different stores, and I can sync them with my husband’s phone so if I ask him to stop at the store for me on the way home, he always knows exactly what we need.  Genious!
  • These (gluten free) zucchini flaxseed muffins.  Perfect texture and taste – they disappeared even faster than muffins usually do around here.  We’re talking less than 20 hours!
  • La Croix sparkling water.  I’ve completely given up on diet soda and decided this would be a good occasional treat. The only problem is it has become a not so occasional (read: daily) treat. The can tells me it contains no artificial sweeteners, but I am a little skeptical of the claim of natural flavors…
  • The Nutcracker!  It’s always been a tradition for me to see it, and I love that I can now take my girls too.  So fun!



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