My First Experience with Stitch Fix

Strangely, it looks like my first post on this blog, a space mainly dedicated to all things running and racing, will be about fashion.  I’ve got a few running related things I’d like to write about soon (including a marathon recap with a very happy ending) but when I mentioned to a few people that I’d decided to try Stitch Fix, they wanted to know what I thought.  And I found it very helpful to read a few other people’s experiences before I took the plunge, so here we go.

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix before, it is an online clothing shop designed to provide personal styling services for women at an affordable cost. It was specifically created for women who need to wear nicer clothes for work or other special events but who don’t want to spend time combing through clothing stores to put together outfits.  Or in my case, even if I had the time and the inclination, may still not be able to put together a stylish look.  Cute running clothes, I’m your girl.  Everything else, not so much.

Here’s how it works:

First, you sign up for an account.

Next, you fill out a style profile.  You can tell the company your size, color preferences, patterns and styles you like, price range you normally spend on each type of clothing, etc.  It’s pretty detailed, which is a good thing.

Third, you check out and at that point pay a $20 styling fee BUT this is refunded if you decide to keep any of the items that are sent your way (and there are five in each box).

Then you pick a date for your box to come and sit back and wait.  They send you an email when its on the way with a tracking number.  Once your box arrives, you have three business days to try on your items and decide which to keep and which to send back (there is a pre-paid bag to send back any unwanted items).  If you decide to keep all five pieces, there is a 25% discount.

I was SUPER excited when my first box came yesterday.  Who doesn’t love to get packages in the mail, especially when the contents are a surprise?!

Here is a look at what I got:


First and Second piece:


The pair of black leggings were awesome, and although they looked small at first, they stretched a LOT and ended up fitting really well and were also very comfortable.  The only problem was that I splurged on a pair very similar at Anthropologie this fall, so these ones are going back.  The top was a surprise.  I didn’t like it when I first saw it, and this was one of those pieces I never would have picked up myself, but I thought it actually looked pretty cute.  I think I am going to keep it.

Third piece:


I LOVE this dress.  It’s totally my style, and it somehow managed to make it look like a I have a little bit of a waist (I don’t) and flattened my tummy.  Plus, I can dress it up or down: a definite keeper.

Fourth piece:


I asked for a denim jacket, so I was really happy to see one in my box.  I really like it, but it’s just a touch too small for me…I think.  Does anyone else have trouble deciding on things like this?  I’m on the fence a little on this one, but it’s probably going back.

Fifth piece:


I like this necklace a lot.  So much that I have one almost exactly like it.  This one goes back!

Overall, I was very pleased with my stylist and selections.  I created a pinterest board with some outfits and looks that I really liked, and I could definitely tell my stylist had paid attention to that.  I highly recommend doing it if you want to try it out.  They also provide awesome styling cards suggesting ways to wear each item.  Although I am likely only keeping two of the five items, I would have kept four (or five with the discount?!) if two pieces weren’t very similar to something I already owned.  I’m definitely excited to do it again in a month or two.  If you want to try it out (and give me a little bit of referral credit), please click through this link:

Enjoy!  Also, what do you think?  Did I make the right decisions?


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